Who Am I?
My name is John Galt Carey. I have performed as both a Classical and Jazz pianist in the United States and abroad and have composed music in a variety of genres. I am currently studying composition at the Hartt School of Music where I have been instructed by composers Stephen Gryc, Ken Steen, David Macbride, and Robert Carl, and have also studied piano under David Westfall. On this website one can find information regarding all of my current projects, instructions for purchasing scores and other services as I offer, and downloadable MP3s of both recent and early works I have completed.
“What are your greatest musical influences?”
This is a difficult question to answer because there are countless musicians of many diverse genres that have inspired me in my own compositions. My influences extend from the music of older masters such as Ludwig Van Beethoven, to late romantic composers such as Gustav Mahler and Sergei Rachmaninoff, to 20th century and contemporary composers such as Kaikhosru Sorabji, Karol Szymanowski,  and Nikolai Kapustin. Jazz is also a highly significant influence in my works. However, throughout the years I have striven to create a musical style that is uniquely mine.
“What genres do you compose in?”
I try to be as well-rounded as possible. I am an avid listener and appreciator of practically every genre there is, and I have always been compelled to attempt composing in genres outside of the “classical” / concert music realm in order to achieve the highest degree of versatility possible. Genres I have performed and composed in include: jazz, rock/metal, electronica, musical theatre, and various other forms and subgenres of popular music.

Regarding my classical works, it could be said that I compose primarily in a musical style that might be described as neoromantic, with strong elements of impressionism, post-modernism, and even expressionism, though I generally prefer not to limit myself by categorizing my music in this way.
“I am a musician and would like to perform
your music. Are the scores available?”
Yes, several of my scores (with individual parts included where applicable) are available for purchase / rental. Please visit my Scores page for more information.
“Do you offer any professional services?”
I provide services in the areas of composition/arranging, engraving/typesetting, and piano. For detailed information about what I offer, examples of my work, and approximate pricing, please visit my Services page.
“What tools/software do you use to compose?”
In terms of notation software, I use Finale exclusively, as well as Garritan Personal Orchestra and East West Symphonic Choirs to produce the MP3 recordings heard on this website. For purposes of live recording I use both Logic and Pro Tools. I use Apple computers and a Yamaha P-120 as a digital keyboard for most basic needs.
“Are there any plans to publish/perform your early works
(Symphony No. 1, etc.)? “
As of now, no. These works were written when I was quite young, and my method of composition was almost entirely intuitive at the time. However, I am currently in the process of heavily revising these works so that they may eventually be performed. For now they are available to be heard in their original form because, despite their lack of maturity, I do regard them as an important part of my musical development, and many listeners do seem to enjoy them despite their flaws.
“I have a question that is not answered on your website.
Can I contact you personally?”
If you have any further questions, my Contact page provides a variety of methods to contact me.
Thank you for your interest in my music. I hope you enjoy the rest of my website.
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Steampunk portrait of John Carey (2012) by Don Higgins
- John Galt Carey, Composer