Here you can find the music of John Carey, in the form of recordings, scores, and videos of live performances.
Here one can find recordings of my music. The primary genre in which I compose is Contemporary Classical, however, other genres and projects entirely outside the realm of concert music (electronica, musical theatre, etc.) may also be found on this page. I produce the majority of my recordings with Garritan Personal Orchestra, Logic Pro, and East West Symphonic Choirs. Recordings of live performances are indicated where applicable.
Please note that any works found on this page are subject to change and revision.
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Please feel free to contact me with any feedback regarding my music.

JOHN CAREY COMPOSITIONS MUSIC Information regarding the purchase and rental of scores. SCORES MUSIC RECORDINGS Downloadable MP3s of the music of John Carey.
Scores of my music may be purchased on this page, with sample pages included for each of the items offered. All scores are bound and printed in A4 format. Parts for ensemble pieces are also available for rental.
Videos of live performances. VIDEOS
On this page I provide links to live videos, both of my own works and works of other composers that I have performed. For more videos, please visit my YouTube page: