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7/13/13 - My website has a new look! Due to recent developments in my career, I felt it necessary to make my website more visually appealing. Though I thought the original design was just fine, it seemed that it could stand to “pop” a bit more. Overall, I am very happy with the result. If anyone visiting has additional suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me -- johncareycomposer@gmail.com
4/18/13 - Added two new videos to my YouTube channel: A Dream Within a Dream,” and A Dream from Dream Cycle, a song cycle I composed for mezzo soprano based on poetry about dreams. The poems that both of these songs are derived from were both written by Edgar Allen Poe. These recordings were taken from a live performance of the work at The Hartt School of Music in 2010.
4/15/13 - I have uploaded a video to my YouTube channel of the second movement (II. Fugue) of Kaleidoscopes for marimba, xylophone, and vibraphone doubling glockenspiel.
4/3/13 - Uploaded a video of the third movement of my Sonata for Piano and Piano, with the score included.

12/23/12 - I have uploaded my latest work Kaleidoscopes, scored for marimba, xylophone, and vibraphone doubling glockenspiel. My goal was to musically depict kaleidoscopic patterns through use of baroque forms (the formal plan of the movements is: I. Prelude, II. Fugue, III. Canon, IV. Fantasia, V. Toccata). Also, take a look at the video I posted on my YouTube channel of the first movement (which includes the score to follow as one listens):  I. Prelude
11/26/12 - Uploaded a video to my YouTube channel of myself playing Sorabji’s Toccata from “Two Pieces”. This recording was taken from a live performance I gave of the work in 2010, as part of a solo piano recital.
10/26/12 - Added a video of the first movement of a work I am currently in the process of composing, Kaleidoscopes for marimba, xylophone, and vibraphone doubling glockenspiel.
10/17/12 - Check out my YouTube channel! I will use it to upload videos of my original music (including the scores to follow along with as you listen), performances, and a variety of other material that has not yet been released to the public.
9/30/12 - I have revised the first movement of my Piano Trio in F Minor, a very early work of mine (written when I was about fourteen) that I have been told contains very haunting melodies and lush harmonies, despite being rather conventional in many ways. I have changed almost every measure in some way or another, but it is by no means an entirely different piece now; I have managed to make the piece more cohesive, harmonically rich, and idiomatic, whilst still preserving the general character and harmonic language of the original version. I am still in the process of revising the rest of the work, so be sure to check for future updates if you are a fan of this movement!
2/11/12 - This is a particularly exciting update. My new orchestral work Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (which I began working on in April 2011) has been posted. This is unequivocally my finest work to date, and I am very happy to present it here. In addition to this, I have also posted new versions of the oldest works currently available on this website, my early Preludes for Piano. Not only have I improved the recording quality, but I have also rewritten the pieces and believe them to be significantly improved. As a final note, I have recently been commissioned to arrange a new musical theatre work, Abracadabra by Dennis P. Moon. The music spans a variety of genres, such as folk, blues, rock, latin, bluegrass, and many others. Information on upcoming performances will be posted soon.
9/15/11 - My newest work Visions for Wind Quintet has been uploaded. It explores a more contemplative, atmospheric aspect of my style. I hope you enjoy it!
3/22/11  - My Sonata for Cello and Harp has been posted (I. Rubato; II. Vivace, like a dance; III. Adagio; IV. Presto). I am quite happy with how this piece has turned out. It further explores the language that I’ve been using in recent works and better establishes a style that I’d like to say is both reminiscent of past composers and yet uniquely my own. In addition to this, I have posted a (rather humorous) arrangement of Claude Debussy’s Feux d'artifice for mixed ensemble, which will be performed at Hartt on 4/23/11. I am now beginning work on a piece for wind quintet and perhaps some shorter piano and choral works.
11/27/10 - The third movement of my Sonata for Violin and Piano has been completed and posted, as well as the entirety of my most recent work, a string quartet (“Reflections and Revelations”). In addition to the new uploads I have also included new information regarding the purchase of scores, as well as samples of the sheet music.
8/12/10 - Quite a bit has happened since my last update. I intend to be more active with my posts from now on, though I have been rather consumed with work lately. Now on my website are three pieces that I am rather proud of: Rhapsody for Orchestra, Sonata for Violin and Piano (movements I. and II.), and Fantasy for Two Pianos: I. Introduction and Reverie; II. Toccata. The third movement of the violin sonata is in the process of being written, along with a string quartet that I recently started. I also have completed a song cycle for mezzo soprano (Dream Cycle), but have no intention of posting it without a proper recording.
12/19/08 - A bit over a year has passed since my last update. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to finish Fratelli and thus was unable to perform it. However, I still intend to finish it in the future. I would rather have it be polished significantly, however, than have it performed in what I would regard as an unfinished state. In the meantime, I’ve added a chamber piece to the Recordings page (Ballade for Piano and Four Stringed Instruments).
12/2/07 - Site completely redesigned. I gave it a sleeker, more professional look. The concept is basically the same as before, only I’ve rewritten some of my information and added some extra pages regarding newer projects that I’m currently working on. For those who didn’t know, the reason my website has not been updated for almost a year now is due to a glitch in my previous hosting company, which has completely unreliable customer support. I was unable to do anything in terms of editing my website, but didn’t really take the time to start over from scratch until recently. Anyway, it’s fixed now. A good amount of new updates can now be expected. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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